Developing Applications using ADIS17001 Module

I want to develop applications which can communicate with  ADIS17001 camera module, What do I need?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 27, 2017 6:09 AM

    You can develop your own applications based on the sample applications supplied along with the DEV package - "SnapSensorLibrary_Development.msi"). In case you do not have this, please go and download it from

    Please note the development installer contains the following development utilities
    • A full SnapSensorLibray API documentation as Windows Help File (chm)
    • A set of Code samples to learn how to develop applications in C++

    You can find sample applications under C:\Analog Devices\SnapSensorLibrary\ConsoleApps and corresponding code samples under C:\Analog Devices\SnapSensorLibrary\Lib\Code Samples.

    These applications are developed using the SnapSensorLibrary to communicate with the ADIS1700x unit over the USB from a Windows host. This includes several functionalities like updating firmware, creating and capturing Video and downloading device info etc.