Discussions and FAQs on Analog Devices Embedded Vision Sensing Camera Modules

This community is available for customers looking for Low Power, Small Form Factor Video Analytics Camera from Analog Devices. The application areas include - Smart City Video Analytics, Parking DetectionMachine VisionIndustrial analytics and lighting.

Guidelines for accessing Technical Support

  • The applications support from this forum encompasses support to customers  evaluating the features of ADIS1700x Video Analytics Camera hardware, with the supplied software installer packages.
  • The software installer packages can be downloaded from www.analog.com/adis17001. These are supplied in 2 flavors - Evaluation Demonstration Kit (EDK) and Development (DEV) Demonstration Kit. These contain PC based User Interface tools, application firmware & drivers required to bring up the system evaluation demo. The Development kit comes with additional tools and sample source code. For more information, please refer to user guides supplied along with packages.
  • If you experience problems bringing up with the supplied Evaluation Demonstration or Development Kits, please provide a brief description and attach any relevant information to your discussion/question. This enables us in providing a faster feedback and improve our support.
  • Questions related to clarification of the content provided in the software kits shall be posted on this community under appropriate SUB SPACE here under (for example, ADIS1700x). Questions outside of the scope of the supplied design resources are not supported.

Please read the EngineerZone Code of Conduct before posting.

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