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Discussions and FAQs on Analog Devices Embedded Vision Sensing Solutions. The group also now supports EagleEye PeopleCount ADSW4000.

This community is available for customers looking for Low Power Embedded Imaging sensor solutions such as:

  • Video Occupancy Sensor Software
  • Indoor Occupancy Sensor Software solutions using Analog Devices low cost reference design building blocks
  • Low power hardware evaluation platform popularly known as BLIP

The applications support on this group consists of the Analog Devices evaluation hardware and software, plus an online community forum monitored and managed by the applications engineering response team.

Ask a question or visit the Embedded Vision Sensing Group Reference LibraryPlease read the EngineerZone Code of Conduct before posting.

  • EagleEye PeopleCount ADSW4000

    EagleEye PeopleCount ADSW4000

    This is a discussion, FAQ and information forum related to the operation, use and functionality of the ADSW4000 PeopleCounting algorithm and related HW platform based on the ADI BF707 EagleEye DSP.
  • Embedded Vision Sensing Reference Library

    Embedded Vision Sensing Reference Library

    This library is available for customers to read questions and documents about Embedded Vision Sensing.
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