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BLIP2 SPI output

Currently, I am trying to get some data from WSN via SPI by running ADVisionSensorController,

but I can not access it.

After issuing Enable VOS from GUI,

via SPI,

First command) Issue 0x00000001

Next command) Issue 0x00000005

Next command) Issue 0x00000003


I am waiting for that response from BLIP2, but I can only read 0xFFFFFFFF.


Could you let me know what kind of setting is correct?

Below is the current setting.

SPI Master is an Arduino Uno.

SPI Configuration is LSB FIRST.



Firmware is using VOS_Outdoors_realtime_BLIP2.dxe.

And it is also GUI, In GeneralConfiguration.xml,

DebugMode : true

UnifiedGUI : true

BlobCoordinatesViaUSB : false

Thank you for your help as always.

Best regards,


  • Hi Sofy,

    Is the TRIGGER_WSN from the VOS Target handled by the Arduino UNO.

    Please have a look at the Figure 1.3.2 which is available in SPI_Communication_Protocol.pdf.

    So the correct sequence is - Send_BlobInfo_CMD

    Wait until Interrupt is received

    Then Send_Data_CMD

    Thank You & Regards,


  • Hello, Sudheer,

    Thank you very much for your response.

    The customer is following SPI_Communication_Protcol.pdf 1.3.1.

    But that interrupt doesn't come from BLIP after sending START_MONITOR via SPI.

    I will take a look more to the customer situation.

    and let you know at once.

    Best regards,


  • Hello, Sudheer,

    Eventually, WSN_INT signal is toggled.

    It seems the reason is bus traffic or scheduling between GUI apps communication and SPI communication.

    Because when toggle "enable/disable VOS button" on GUI apps, asserting WSN_INT signal is happened.

    Thank you for your help as always.

    Best regards,