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EagleEye Trial Kit stops working during commissioning

My EagleEye Trial Kit stops working half way through the commissioning process in the tablet app. The MCU led is now blinking white and the app is not responding. 
I am using an iOS tablet with the latest PeopleCount app. Resetting the sensor or restarting the app does not work: the issue persists. 
What can I do to complete the sensor commissioning? 

    1. If the sensor works when plugged into a PC/laptop USB port with the provided cable: please make sure you are not using long USB extension cables: long USB cables cause voltage drops on the USB port that causes the sensor to reset continuously. If an extension is needed, please use an active USB HUB with external power or an AC-to-USB adaptor closer to the sensor.
    2. If the sensor does not boot even when plugged into a PC/laptop USB port (all LEDs stuck in boot/reset state): try re-flashing the firmware using the BoardFirmwareTest tool available in the EagleEye executable file received when registering to If Windows USB drivers are needed, please find them under the installation folder of the EagleEye executable “C:\Analog Devices\adiPeopleCount-CM-Rel3.4.0_PROD\Tools\ADI WinUSB”