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Required light levels for the EagleEye ADSW4000 algorithm

Why does ADI EagleEye PeopleCount software have a lower lux threshold?

  • ADI EagleEye PeopleCount does not provide a count if the lux value goes below 60 Lux. The software waits for around 3 minutes for the lux to be lower than 60 lux. At this time a LowLightFlag is triggered, and the algorithm stops giving any people count. The reason this is implemented is that when ambient lux levels drop below 60 lux, the imaging sensor becomes noisy and the noise affects the accuracy of the system. We decided to keep its behavior predictable by setting this threshold.

    We recommend you use the default 60 lux as the threshold. However, if your application demands a lower lux threshold, you can configure this value by using the LowLightThreshold parameter in the SetProcessingParameter command. API details can be found in the ADI EagleEye PeopleCount Firmware Reference Guide.pdf, available after purchase of the EagleEye Trial kit or ADSW4000 software.