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I can not connect to my ADSP 21062 with an ADZS-HPUSB-ICE

Hi there,

I am trying to connect to my dsp and is imposible to do. I am follo wing the manual:

The Sequence for Power On is:

1. Apply power to the target board.

2. Apply power to the ICE.

3. Connect the USB cable to the ICE.

4. Open the VisualDSP++ tools.

And when I click to connect(Visual DSP++ update 9.1) I obtain the error 0x 80048049. The connect light is amber as I attach to this message. I am pretty sure I have connected propperly all wires.

Thank you for your help

  • I have been testing the ICE with the VisualDsP++configurator and the test failed at the point of "Determining scan path length". In the documentation it is said that it could be a failure of my ICE but the most probably thing is that there is a problem with the target device. The fact is that I also have another ICE and with this one I dont have any type of problems with the same target. Is my ICE definitively damaged and it must be checked by qualified personnel???

  • Hi Fernando,

    Apologies for our delayed response

    I suspect if the emulator has gone bad. Can you please answer our below questions:

    > Have you successfully created session with this emulator before?

    > Do you have any other DSP to which you can connect this emulator and check whether the emulator works with it.

    > Ensure whether the driver has been installed correctly by checking your computer’s Device Manager. Your emulator/evaluation board should be listed under ADI Development Tools of device manager.  If not listed or any warning has appeared on it, install the driver manually by referring "Installing and Troubleshooting Drivers" section in EE note linked below:

    > If available, try another power supply.

    > Change the JTAG I/O Voltage in the ICE Test to 2.5V and run the test again. If this works then can you either create a new session using a 2.5V JTAG I/O voltage or modify your existing session to use 2.5V JTAG I/O voltage.

    Also please read through our Emulator Troubleshooting Guide (EE-175) and let us know the results of all the troubleshooting steps it advises. EE-175 can be found at:

    We would recommend you to contact our private support channel which can be found using the link below by selecting " Processors and DSP". Please include a link to this forum thread in your e-mail.

    Also share the screenshots of all the error messages you are getting while contacting private support.

    Best Regards,