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With regards Floating License on Windows 8.1

Hi ,

Both client and the Sever is Windows 8.1 and i am getting the following error .

Before changing changing the server to Windows 8.1 it was running on XP and client on Windows 8.1 and there was no problem .

After changing the server to Windows 8.1 i am getting the following error .

There is no problem of using VDSP++ on Server when the LM Tool is running , but cannot client side we are getting this error .

Tried with turning of the Firewall setting also but not able to get it working , please let me know if there any place to look for .

  • Hi Srivatsa,

    Apologies for our delay response.

    Unfortunately Floating licenses are not supported on windows 8.1. please note that our latest version of the Floating License Server Tools are supported on the following 32-bit operating systems:

    •    Windows 2000 SP4

    •    Windows XP Professional SP2 (or greater)

    •    Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate

    •    Windows Server 2003

    •    Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate

    And the following 64-bit operating systems:

    •    Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate.

    Best Regards,


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