How to include Libraries

Sharc ADSP 21364

This is a crazy question about libraries. visual studio 5.1.2

1/ I have created a simple project, A

2/ I have created a simple library, B

3/ In the project I have opened the ldf file and added the B.dlb file and updated dependencies. this entry turns from grey to the correct purple color.

4/ In the project A I have included the B.h file correctly.

5/ I have called the library function from the A main routine and complied OK

6/ When linking I get this error

[Error li1021] The following symbols referenced in processor 'P0' could not be resolved:
'myFunction() [_myFunction__Fv]' referenced from '.\Release\main.doj'

Any clues why this is happening would be appreciated as I have followed precisely the instructions in the help file. My conclusion is that there is a piece of vital information missing


If there is a video tutorial that would be excellent.

Best Regards


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