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simple example on using UART interrupt to receive buffer from serial

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-BF592


i would appreciate help in writing a simple test code to read data from UART in interrupt mode.

I am a newbe here.

I started with CharECHO_UART example and i was able to connect a terminal emulator (using a USB-DB9 cable). Then using Tera Term i sent a file

to my board and in DMA mode i was able to read all bytes i received.

Then i try something like:

static ADI_UART_HANDLE hDevice;

static void UARTCallback(void* pHandle, uint32_t u32Arg, void* pArg) {

printf("UART CALLBACK!!!!\n");
uint16_t *data = (uint16_t*)pArg;

printf("complete buffer:%s\n", ReceiveBuffer);


here's the problem: my ReceiveBuffer contains only the last char sent from Termina Emulator



int32_t main(void) {

// open UART in bidirectional interrupt mode mode


adi_uart_SetBaudRate(hDevice, 115200u);


adi_uart_RegisterCallback(hDevice, UARTCallback, (void*)0);

adi_uart_SubmitRxBuffer(hDevice, ReceiveBuffer, 2);

adi_uart_EnableRx(hDevice, true);

while (true){

// do nothing



The problem is i only get the last character sent from terminal. I need to catch all chars sent from terminal

Each message sent from terminal may have different length so i need to process each received byte individually

I searched a lot and was not able to find a basic example that help me to build a simple program that read from UART in interrupt mode

  • Hi,

    We have sample code as per your requirement for BF707. Please refer FAQ from below path.

     How to pass group of characters via UART 

    Please modify your code by using this as a reference. 

    You can refer detailed description of APIs from the below Help path
    CrossCore® Embedded Studio 2.x.x > System Run-Time Documentation > System Services and Device Drivers > ADSP-BF592 API Reference > Modules

    As well as you can refer driver implementation from the below installation path
    C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.x.x\Blackfin\lib\src\drivers\source\uart

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    thank you for your reply but i was not able to solve.

    The example shows how to write on UART from DSP. I need to read incoming bytes from UART and, in my case, i cannot assume that incoming data has a fixed length.

    In some way i should be "listening" for any incoming byte and process manually to understand if the message is complete.

    Maybe i am wrong, but i was thinking that an interrupt may be raised for any incoming byte (or any other mechanism)

    I spent some day on reading both documentation and drivers implementation with no luck


  • Little progress. I was able to to use UART in interrupt mode polling in a loop

    with adi_uart_IsRxBufferAvailable(hDevice, &bufferAvailable);

    now happens that a printf seems to write on serial output

    instead of writing into console