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Changing ADI_DSP variable outside of the makefile or force a regeneration of the makefile without the IDE.

Category: Software
Product Number: VisualDSP++
Software Version: 5.1.2

I have an existing project with makefiles created from VDSP loaded on the C-drive. Our build machine, which we are attempting to do automatic builds with, has VDSP on the E-drive. Since the makefiles have ADI_DSP defined at the C-drive, the build machine can't build correctly. We are currently just using a Windows batch file. I attempted to change ADI_DSP prior to the gmake call to see if that would override the makefile's assignment, but it is still looking for dependencies on the C-drive instead of the E-drive. It is possible that some other settings or LDF files may also be hard coded to the C-drive. I don't know if I've found them all.

Is there a way without having to open the projects in the IDE to update the dependencies, like the ADI_DSP variable and perhaps others, in order to build our projects, or am I stuck with reinstalling VDSP to the C-drive? I'm trying to avoid messing up the developers who have everything pointing to a C-drive. Doing full builds is the intention here rather that incremental ones, as we want these to be fully released projects.

I'm also consider the use of gmake -e and seeing if that helps, but it didn't sound like something that was recommended.

  • Hi,

    The makefile created by the VisualDSP++ IDDE is not strictly compatible with the gmake utility from the command line. It is for internal use by the IDDE.Instead, the IDDE offers a feature to export the makefile for the purpose of a command line build.This can be done from within the IDDE via 'Project'->'Export Makefile'.

    You can refer the below VDSP help path, which might be helpful to you.
    Contents > Graphical Environment > IDDE > How To > Projects > Makefiles > Exporting a Makefile

    So,Please try exporting the makefile in this manner, and build using the gmake-378 utility from the command line with resultant file and let us know if you continue to have problems.

    Note that the process of exporting the makefile is a manual one and would need to be updated to reflect any changes to the project structure or options since the last build.

    By default exporting the makefile will append the "_export.mak" name, so the makefile for "Project.dpj" becomes "Project_export.mak".

    Then you can call this from a command line, e.g.:
    gmake-378 -f Project_export.mak Project_Debug

    Please note that VisualDSP++ should modify the makefile itself upon building the project under a different installation directory of VisualDSP++.

    Also, Please refer the below ezone link which might be helpful to you.

    Unfortunately there are no utilities we provide which can automatically generate a makefile outside of the IDDE.

    The makefile generation is a product of the 'Dependency Update' performed within the IDDE, so there is no way to generate a makefile without doing so within the IDDE. Depending on your requirement, it may be possible to make use of the Automation Interface and, through the ADspProject object's "ExportToMakefile" method, export the makefile using a script.

    For more information, see the documentation at 'Help: Contents: Automation: Automation: API Reference: ADspProject'.

    If you still encounter errors or issues building this from the command line, please provide details of the errors that are displayed.