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Eval-21364-EZ KIT driver/connection problem

Good evening, 

I've been having some headaches because of this issue and honestly I am stuck. 

I am currently doing a project for my Masters degree and I was testing the eval board stated in the subject. After installing CCES and VisualDSP++ on 3 different computers and on a virtual machine running on windows 7, I simply can't get the pc to recognize the board.

After extensive research I've found I, apparently, need to make some jumper connections between certain pins, am I right? Or is that completely wrong?

Everytime I plug the USB cable into the computer, windows doesn't recognize it. I am lost and I really need to make this work so I can load some examples into the board so I am sure it all works and then I can start the project.

Sorry if I ranted, that wasn't the point at all. I really appreciate any help provided. 

Best regards, 


  • Hi Joao,

    Please note that ADI does not support installing our tools onto a Virtual Machine, We only support the tools running on machines which use a default version of a supported operating system. While you may have success running the tools on a Virtual machine but we cannot support.

    The Device drivers are installed automatically when the device is plugged in and powered up for the first time after installing VisualDSP++ tool/CCES.

    Could you please confirm whether you are using emulator / SADA2 for debugging ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT board.

    If you are using SADA 2 with VisualDSP++, pins 1&2 of JP1 should NOT be populated (OFF).

    When 1&2 of JP1 are NOT populated, the SADA 2 should appear in the Device Manager under ‘ADI Development Tools’.
    Please refer the below FAQ for more information:
    NOTE: When installing or removing the jumper, the USB cable should be disconnected from the emulator, or unplugged and plugged in again after the jumper has been changed.

    Please refer "VisualDSP++ Install and Session Startup" & "EZ-KIT Lite Hardware Setup" in the below system evaluation manual:

    If you still facing the same issue, Can you please answer the following questions -

    1.Do you have any other emulators of the same type, which operates correctly with the same target board and PC?
    2.Does the ICE Test utility run successfully or does it fail at any point?If the Test fails, please provide us with a screenshot showing the ICE Test results.
    3.Do you have another target board you can use to connect to your emulator with? Does the emulator still behave the same way? Do you still encounter the same error messages?
    4.Can you try plugging the emulator in different port of the machine?
    5.Share us the screenshot of the device manager window which shows the emulator.
    6.Have you used any docking station/Hub to plug the emulator USB?
    7.Try changing the boot mode in the board to default 0 and check if the same issue occurs.

    Please refer to the below EE note for VisualDSP++.
    For CCES.