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adsp-21161n ezkit not working in vdsp++5.1.2 under win 7x64

i see this error:

  • Hi,

    The 0x80048015 target connection error indicates there might be a problem with the EZ-KIT driver on your machine.

    Unfortunately, there are no drivers for non-RoHS EZ-KIT Lites under 64-bit Operating Systems; we only have a driver for the RoHS EZ-KIT Lites. You can determine whether your EZ-KIT Lite is RoHS compliant or not by the prefix on the board: "ADZS-21161N EZ-KIT Lite" parts are RoHS compliant, "ADDS-21161N EZ-KIT Lite" are not.

    Please refer the below FAQ's.
    FAQ: VisualDSP++ and 64-bit Windows

    FAQ: Windows 7 Compatibility in VisualDSP++ Development Tools

    For information on the differences between our RoHS EZ-Kits and Non-RoHS EZ-Kits please see the following FAQ:
    FAQ: What is the difference between the ADDS and ADZS part numbers?

    If you have an ADZS part number>>>

    Please check that your EZ-Kit is installed properly by checking your computer's 'Device Manager'. You should find the EZ-Kit listed under 'ADI Development tools'. If listed, double-click on the EZ-Kit to show the driver properties and ensure there are no issues listed. If any listed, please take a note of them along with the driver version number installed and send these details to us. If it is not listed, or you are having problems with the drivers, you should try reinstalling the drivers.

    Drivers for all emulators and evaluation boards can be found here:
    <installation path>:\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.1.2\Setup\Emu_Drivers

    To install the driver manually follow below steps:

    1. Double-click on the device which shown under 'ADI Development Tools' in the device manager.The Device Properties dialog box appears. Click the Driver tab and choose Update Driver.

    There are two options will be displayed:
    >> Search automatically for updated driver
    >> Browse my computer for driver software

    2.Then choose "Browse my computer for driver software" option.
    3.Then browse for driver from the above given path and also please note that the option "Include sub folders" have been checked.
    4.Click next and the driver will updated after some period.

    Also please read through our Emulator Troubleshooting Guide (EE-175) to know more details on Installing Drivers Manually and Troubleshooting Drivers. This EE-note is available online at the following location:

    If you have an ADDS part number >>>

    You need to use an emulator to connect to your target.You can use the below emulators with ADSP-21161 boards.
    • ICE-1000 Emulator
    • ICE-2000 Emulator
    • USB-ICE Emulator
    • HPUSB-ICE Emulator

    Please note that the ADZS-USB-ICE is obsolete now,so you can use ADZS-HPUSB-ICE or ICE-1000/ICE-2000 emulators .

    Also we recommend you the latest ICE-1000/ICE-2000 emulators to use with ADSP-21161n processor

    You can buy ICE-1000/ICE-2000 from the below link:

    HPUSB ICE is available for purchase by using the below link.

    For more details on pricing, please contact your local ADI sales office or distributor.To locate the one,


  • Hi,

    i've had a similar problem with BF5xx EZ-Kit and WIN10 32 Bit. After installing Visual DSP in a non UAC - directory ( see Note below) on drive D: driver and EZ-Kit work  fine .

    May be thats will help also here.



    Please see Release Notes on VSDP 5.1.2 : There is written:

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 users may experience User Access Control (UAC) related errors if the software is installed
    into a protected location, such as Program Files or Program Files (x86). We recommend installing the software in a
    non-UAC-protected location.