How to display the output outside vdsp tool?

Hello ,

I used the API given in the examples to access the memory location but the display in coming inside the vdsp tool .

How to get that output and display in visual studio tool?

I used printf("%x",pValue);   in the API code (VisualDSP help>contents>automation>ADsp Memorytype).

is this the correct statement to display the value stored outside vdsp (ie in visual studio). 

when is used that everytime i am getting some random numbers as output.

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    on Jun 8, 2021 4:59 AM

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    We understood that you are trying to get Automation API ADsp Memorytype output in visual studio tool.If so please note that, Automation interface in VisualDSP++ allow you to instigate a build within the VisualDSP++ environment only using scripting, or even C++.

    Unfortunately, this is not something that we are aware of a solution for, as it is not something that we would support.

    You can use the Automation Interface to display and get the content in the specified output window in Visualdsp++, using GetText Method and PrintText Method.

    We recommend to refer the below help page about more information and examples on ADspOutputWindow methods.
    Help > Contents > Automation > Automation > Automation API Reference >ADspOutputWindow > Methods