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How to link Vdsp++ to external tools such as visual studio ?


I tried to link vdsp to visual studio using VB script, using the script given in the Help>contents>API.

when i tried it shows an error saying Type 'Application' is not defined .

How to debug this error , and is it possible to access the memory location using external tool such as visual studio?

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, this is not something that we are aware of a solution for, as it is not something that we would support. However, one (certainly not perfect) option may be to make use of the Automation interface in VisualDSP++.

    This would allow you to instigate a build within the VisualDSP++ environment using scripting, or even C++.

    Could you please confirm whether you have tried the below recommendations:
    We would recommend you to create your projects within VisualDSP++, create similar projects in Visual Studio using these same source files, allowing you to do all of your editing in Visual Studio. Then, using automation from within VisualStudio, you could make VisualDSP++ build the projects.

    We have an Engineering note, EE-235 - An Introduction to Scripting and explains how to use the new scripting capabilities in the IDDE. The complete information can also be obtained from the following location:

    Please have a look into the scripting examples,which are provided in the below VisualDSP++ installation path.
    <installation path>:\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.1.2\Blackfin\Examples\Scripting Examples

    Although our VisualDSP++ Scripting Engine supports Jscript, VBScript and Tcl (legacy), the scripting engine is there only to interface the API from within the IDDE.

    The API itself exists to allow the VisualDSP++ Environment to be programmable by external applications that understand automation, such as Excel, MATLAB, Visual Basic, the VisualDSP++ Scripting Engine, etc.

    As accessing the API from within our scripting engine is somewhat straight forward (no need to define which application you are interfacing, for example), we provide the examples in the formats we do to aid in accessing the API from external programs that may not be so simple.

    You could use the Automation Interface to access the memory location in Visualdsp++, using the method ADspMemoryType(), ADspMemoryTypeList(), ADspMemorySegment(), ADspMemorySegmentList()
    For more details, please refer the VisualDSP++ Automation API Reference in the below VisualDSP++ help path:
    VisulaDSP++ Help > Contents > Automation > API Reference