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VisualDSP step-over (F10) available, but nonfunctional

When attempting to step over C++ code, the run position appears to "just sit there".  If I hit F5, execution proceeds as expected to the next breakpoint (if set).  F11 immediately steps into an ISR.  

Is there a way to get F10 stepping over as expected?

Secondarily, while in disassembly mode, F10 step-over is totally grayed out.  Is that normal?

Environment is ADSP BF537, loaded into SDRAM on a custom board

I remember this being discussed ~2018, but I was unable to find on a forum search

  • Hi,

    Regarding the stepping problem you are encountering is most likely caused by interrupts within your system. Although the processor is halted when you are stepping, the peripherals such as DMA, sports and timers continue to run. Consequently, they produce interrupts which the core latches. So, you may find it to be the case that instead of stepping into the function, the debugger actually steps into the ISR. Once the ISR is complete, the PC is back to the original instruction being stepped. Additionally, there is a breakpoint there which halts execution before entering the desired function (before the step-in has completed). So, the 'Step Over', or when running from a breakpoint, appears to stay at the same PC, while the 'Step Into' can result in the Halt occurring within the ISR.

    There is an option you can enable that should help with this problem.Please try to step over after enabling 'Mask interrupts during step' under 'Settings > Target Options' in debug perspective(after connecting session).

    You can refer the below VDSP help path for more details on Target Options.
    Help > Contents > Emulation tools > ICEs > Blackfin ICE > Target options >  Blackfin Target Options

    If you still facing issues, can you please try to debug your project in different PCs and let us know how you get on.

    Regarding step-over in disassembly window, Unfortunately  "step over" in assembly isn't supported because the functionality has never been implemented.


  • as mentioned by Nishanthi before enable mask interrupts during step

  • Hi,

    Are you still facing the same issue even after enabling the option OR you were able to get it work?


  • Thank you for this response I missed this until just now.  I'll have to take a look and get back to you, but this sounds promising

  • Thank you for the followup and your patience.  I've been called onto other projects and have not yet tried your suggested solution.  I do hope to try it out