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VisualDSP++ problem with connection to 21469 EZ-KIT


I need some help with my 21469 EZ-KIT

In short the problem is, that I can't connect VisualDSP++ to my 21469 EZ-KIT

Here are some specs:

Host OS =  Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit

VDSP++ Version is 5.1.2 (License = permanent node locked)

EZ-Kit = ADZS-21469-EZLITE (SNR 705946) + ADZS-SADA2-BRD (SNR 725964)

I followed exactly the steps in the "ADSP-21469 EZ-Board®Evaluation System Manual"

But everytime I try to connect I get an error 0x80048015

Windows driver is loaded and seem to work.

In parallel I have an installation of CrossCore Embedded Studio V2.9.0 on the same maschine.

The EZ-KIT works perfectly with this CCES.

I double checked this with a simple, newly created CCES project (Hello World)

and with one of the 21469 EZ-KIT examples (Audio Bypass).

I'm looking forward to your reply