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VisualDSP++ problem with connection to 21469 EZ-KIT


I need some help with my 21469 EZ-KIT

In short the problem is, that I can't connect VisualDSP++ to my 21469 EZ-KIT

Here are some specs:

Host OS =  Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit

VDSP++ Version is 5.1.2 (License = permanent node locked)

EZ-Kit = ADZS-21469-EZLITE (SNR 705946) + ADZS-SADA2-BRD (SNR 725964)

I followed exactly the steps in the "ADSP-21469 EZ-Board®Evaluation System Manual"

But everytime I try to connect I get an error 0x80048015

Windows driver is loaded and seem to work.

In parallel I have an installation of CrossCore Embedded Studio V2.9.0 on the same maschine.

The EZ-KIT works perfectly with this CCES.

I double checked this with a simple, newly created CCES project (Hello World)

and with one of the 21469 EZ-KIT examples (Audio Bypass).

I'm looking forward to your reply

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  • Hi again,

    thank You so much.

    Now it works Slight smile

    I'm sorry for I was not able to find the appropriate FAQ myself.

    Of course I searched for help, a document or a post .. but was not successful.

    Unfortunately my search did not contain the needed words.

    It's allways hard to find something where you don't know the name or the wording.

    Anyway, many thanks for your support.

    Best regards