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.dxe file in adsp-ts201s

Hi all ,

in ADSP-TS201S, in link port boot example, 

in Link_ldr/debug folder,    MasterDSPB.dxe , SlaveDSPA.dxe  are created corresponding to MasterDSPB.asm and SlaveDSPA.asm.

but normally , when we compile newly created project , then .dxe file is automatically created inside debug folder with project folder name .

can somebody tell me how they created 2 dxe file corresponding to each .asm file ..

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    ADSP-TS201 EZ-Kit Link Boot routine sets up slave (DSPA) in link boot mode and the master (DSPB) boots the slave via link port 2 with the example IIR code using bootdata.ldr.

    As you mentioned, SlaveDSPA.asm  is a source file for DSPA for Link Boot project and MasterDSPB.asm is a  source file for DSPB for Link Boot project.

    We recommend to refer the Linker description file for Link Boot project (ADSP-TS201_ASM_MP.ldf) to know more details about how two dxe files are created for corresponding to each SlaveDSPA.asm and MasterDSPB.asm.

    In the ldf file, memory block for DSPA and DSPB are defined separately as follow

        DSPA { START(0x10000000) }
        DSPB { START(0x14000000) }

    Sections for each memory block is written separately (mapped MasterDSPB.doj , SlaveDSPA.doj separately to specific sections)in the PROCESSOR DSPB , PROCESSOR DSPA section definitions.

    Also, specified the output file for DSPB as "OUTPUT($COMMAND_LINE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY\MasterDSPB.dxe)" and output file for DSPA as "OUTPUT($COMMAND_LINE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY\SlaveDSPA.dxe)". Therefore dxe files are generated separately for each asm file.

    You can refer the "README_ASM_LINKBOOT.txt" readme file to know more details about the project.