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visual dsp ++ tool related


   I am using dsp controller 21368 in one of my applications. This is a proven design. 

And using Visual DSP ++ 5.0, the target is connected. But whenever i rebuild and run, i get the following the error 

 Failed to set Automatic breakpoint to "main"

what could be the problem? please help..



  • Hi Prabhakar,

    When a DXE is loaded, the IDDE attempts to set certain default breakpoints - including one at the start of main, and a few for specific event handling code (like the stack overflow exception). If the internal IDDE function that sets breakpoints fails for any reason, this error is returned to the IDDE.

    These automatic breakpoints include main, __lib_prog_term and __stack_overflowed, and the error message "Failed to set automatic breakpoint at <symbol>" indicates that the IDDE is unable to access the processor's memory in order to write the Emulator Trap instructions at these addresses.

    The most common reason this occurs is that the location of the breakpoint in question is in external memory, and the external memory interface is not correctly configured. The IDDE, by default, only takes steps to configure the external memory interface of a target for a debug session where that target matches an EZ-KIT Lite (e.g. for a 21371 or 21369 target, but not for a 21368 target as there is no 21368 EZ-KIT Lite).

    As there is a 21371 EZ-KIT Lite, there are register reset definitions that configure the external memory interface based on the EZ-KIT hardware, located in the <register-reset-definitions> section of the "...\System\Archdef\adsp-21371-proc.xml" file. As you are using custom hardware, I would recommend that you use a Custom Board Support File to configure these registers to values suitable for your target.

    For more information on this behavior and Custom Board Support Files, I recommend reading the following FAQ on our EngineerZone, and the relevant documentation:

    Also, the "Failed to set automatic breakpoint at main" error message, it is nothing to do with building the project. There is an option to "Load executable after build" available under "Settings: Preferences: General". When the build has completed, the tools will then load the DXE to the target. Once the DXE has been loaded, the IDDE will attempt to set breakpoints at each of the relevant addresses for breakpoints listed under 'Settings: Breakpoints'.

    Santha kumari.K