Visual DSP++ 5.1 Linear Profiler: External memory accesses

I have been using the linear profiler to estimate maximum timing for some functions, and it looks like external memory such as SDRAM or SRAM do not change the cycle count.  Is there a way to measure the extra time used by these accesses?  I tried to change the memory type in the profiler properties but only Program Memory is available.


Chuck Dickerson

  • Hi,
    Please note that the execution count provided in the Linear Profiler is an 'instruction count', rather than a cycle count. It basically just counts every time the PC is updated, so this won't provide a cycle-accurate count.
    The ADSP-BF533 cycle accurate simulator performs cycle accurate core and L1 Memory modeling. When it comes to external memory a fixed set of latencies are used. This is reflected in the Cycle Count registers, so if you are looking for a more accurate cycle counts in the Simulator, we would recommend using the Cycle Counting facilities offered by the Runtime Libraries.
    Please refer the below help path:
    C/C++ Compiler and Library Manual for Blackfin® Processors > 4 DSP Run-Time Library > DSP Run-Time Library Guide > Measuring Cycle Counts
    Also please refer the below EE-note:
    EE-332: Cycle Counting and Profiling .pdf
    If you are still facing the issue, please explain the issue with the screenshots. This will help us to assist you further.
    Processor Tools Support