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Hello Quick question about Dolby licensing on Sharc Platform.

Any ways for a Analog Device Employee to clarify the process involved in getting access to the production code for  Dolby on Sharc Platforms?
I read the line: "You need to be a Dolby or DTS "qualified recipient" to  receive a Dolby  or DTS module. This implies that you have already  signed a license  agreement with Dolby or DTS."

I  would translate that to: "Talk to Dolby first, get a license and then talk to AD about  getting the code". Is that correct or am i missing something?

I'm currently in talks with Dolby but they have 2  licenses: System and Implementation. If AD software modules were already certified by Dolby, does this mean that I only need a system implementation?

Just trying to get my story straight on how that module&licensing works.


  • Hi Tony,

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  • Hi Tony,

    Yes, you have interpreted this correctly, ADI is not permitted by Dolby/DTS to send production code versions of Dolby/DTS technology implementations to customers that are not already Dolby/DTS licensees for each particular technology.  Once you are a Dolby/DTS licensee for the specific technology required, you will need to sign an ADI software license agreement, prior to the production object code being sent to you.

    To assist in evaluation, Dolby has permitted ADI to make available for download from the ADI website (via a click-thru license agreement) a number of Dolby modules in crippled/protected evaluation only form.

    As you note, Dolby have Implementation Licensees and System Licensees.  Typically, an Implementation Licensee take a Dolby technology and develops a chip or software module.  Once this chip or software module is certified by Dolby, it can then be used by a System Licensee to build a product.  It sounds like you are likely a System Licensee, but you would be best to confirm your specific need with Dolby.

  • Stephan,

    Thanks very much for your detailed reply. Will make progress on the Dolby side to figure out where we stand.

    While on the software module topic, another question for you if you don't mind:

    Any reasons why Blackfin has so much more support for some Software modules while Sharc product line is lagging so much behind? Interestingly enough, I would have thought that Sharc Product line was AD top of the line DSP. A bit late for us at this point since we already made the choice, but still wondering if there will ever be a move from AD to start porting some algorithms currently ported on Blackfin, but not on Sharc.


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