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SDRAM access


After initialisation of SDRAM controller I try to write to the external SDRAM and I have one exception :

*** DDR Memory Test
Using 400 MHz CCLK, 200 DDR CLK...
Changing to frequency 200 succeeded.

A non-recoverable error or exception has occurred.
  Description:   A data CPLB miss has occurred without a corresponding CPLB entry.
  General Type:  RunTimeError
  Specific Type: DCPLBMissWithoutReplacement
  Error PC:      0x11a0bfe

I have no this with POST example.

What is wrong ?

  • I found :

    1. click on system.svc in the Project Explorer tree

    2. If there is no "Startup Code/LDF" onglet on the low edge of the window, add Add Startup Code/DFS add-in

    3. Click on "Startup Code/LDF" onglet on low edge of the window, then click on "Cache configuration" onglet (on left edge)

    4. Check "Permit alteration of CPLB Table Entries",

    5. Don't check "Use External SDRAM" in LDF onglet

    6. Save system.svc changes with Ctrl-S

    7. Open app_cplbtab.c (in system directory of the Project Explorer tree),

    8. In dcplbs_table table add


    or something similar depending of the real SDRAM size, caching or not etc.

    9. I guess something similar in icplbs_table if the SDRAM is used as code, not my case.