H.264 decoder library for BF707


I use BF707 Blackin processor and I need to decompress H.264 encoded files. According to https://ez.analog.com/dsp/blackfin-processors/bf70x/w/documents/916/getting-started-with-adsp-bf70x-processors BF707 can do that :

"Free software modules for the ADSP-BF70x family include image processing applications software (such as video occupancy sensing, image processing toolbox, 2D graphics); video imaging codecs such as JPEG and H.264BP/MP; audio codecs including MP3 and ACC; and post processing software including asynchronous sample rate converters and multi-band graphic equalizers"

I dowloaded and installed But H264_BPDecoder-BF-Rel4.1.0_PROD.exe but this package support only ADSP-BF527, ADSP-BF533, ADSP-BF561 and ADSP-BF609.

Where I can found the library for BF707 ?

Best Regards