H264 dual core encoding

Hi there

On a custom designed board with a BF561, I'm trying to use H264_BP_MPEncoder-BF-Rel4.0.0 to encode a progressive scan D1 resolution PAL video using dual core encoding. The video is actually derived from a 720P HD video signal (progressive scan)  input using a separate BF609 on the board.

Following the examples and setting video standard to ADI_ENC_RAW422_PROG the encoder does work but there is a horizontal black line across the centre of the screen where the encoding is split between the two cores. If there is any movement in this area of the picture then there are significant motion artifacts (pink and green trails). If I save to a file and play the video through ffmpeg in debug mode it reports significant motion vector errors.

It is almost as if there is an off-by-one (line) error where the encoding is split between the two cores. If I fake an interlaced PAL D1 picture in the downscaling from HD input (and set video standard ADI_ENC_PAL) then the problem goes away completely, but the picture quality is pretty awful.

Does the H264 encoder ever actually work dual core encoding of progressive scan video?