We were trying to run H264 BP/MP encoder library on ADZS-BF707-BLIP2 evaluation board.
I have implemented single instance encoder for testing purposes by following PRODUCT REFERENCE GUIDE for H264 BP/MP encoder.
Issues I am having are as follows:
1) Inconsistent variable names in documentation such as (gInputBuffer later referenced as gInputBuf and few other).
2) Guide refers to .ldf files for bf707 that produce linker errors due to incompatibility of provided Step-by-step Guide and code example (inside guide).
3) There are bf707 h264 encoder example projects provided with the library - h264 implementation there also differs from the one described in the library.

Implementation issues:
iRetVal = pEncHndl->pSetConfig(pEncHndl, ADI_CODEC_CONFIG_INPUT_PARAM, (void*)&gtInputParam );

- According to the reference guide when this error is returned while setting ADI_CODEC_CONFIG_INPUT_PARAM, the library sets appropriate ADI_CODEC_STATUS_BAD_L3B<N>_<ATTR> error code. As far as I can understand this error code can be retrieved by the means of using code provided below.

iRetVal = pEncHndl->pGetConfig(pEncHndl, ADI_CODEC_CONFIG_ERROR_CODE, (void*)&iRetErrorCode );

So I would expect to have ADI_CODEC_STATUS_BAD_L3B<N>_<ATTR>  error returned by     iRetErrorCode.nErrorCode

The value that I get is (0x0053) that corresponds to ADI_CODEC_STATUS_BAD_MEMTYPE, which does not point to any specific memory.

I tried re-mapping memory for last 3 days, rewrote .ldf's, tried using provided .ldf while modifying code and .ldf's to solve linker errors.

At this point I am out of options and solutions.

Also I am sort of new to .ldf linker file system and might be screwing something up or asking some stupid questions but, lets say encoder requires L1A1 and L1A0 where A1/A0 stands for a memory bank ( according to reference guide ). The stock BF707 .ldf's  don't specifically identify L1 banks just L1_DATA_A and L1_DATA_A_CACHE (example).

Would love to hear from you back soon, as we are considering wether we can figure it out or we should look for other encoding solutions for our product.

Memory_map_init() functions  that I used can be either found in reference guide for H264 and in BF707 H264 example project - both give same results and none of my modifications worked.

Best regards. 

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