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Fix address and names for parameters in SigmaStudio

Category: Software
Product Number: SigmStudio
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7

To whom it may concern, 

I'm working on the SHARC ADSP 21569. We have created a custom PCB based on the SOM Eval board. We have multiple I2S inputs and multiple I2S outputs.

We struggle in the following way. 

First of all I need a way to change a parameter value on SigmaStudio from CCES (CrossCore). For that in SigmaStudio I have click on Hardware Configuration -> Main -> Parameter Address -> Enable Fixed Mode.

After that I go to my block schematic and enable fixed address.

Then I have address for all the blocks that can be configured. The first question is why those numbers don't match. I mean I should see the same parameter size in both sides.

The complexity for me is that the names and the address still seem to be quite random. If you have few parameters there is not problem. We have quite high and there are other projects coming with similar setup and we need to find rather a smart way of working. Any suggestion??


For the moment that's all. The integration with CCES is still on going. Studying the documentation and the examples.

Thank you for reading.

I modify a picture.
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