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Help with Dual core schematic mode using SigmaStudio+

Category: Software
Software Version: SigmStudio+ v2.1

I'm trying to make a SC5xx project with the Schematic mode set to Dual Core but am unable to get it to work.

I have a dual core project working using SigmaStudio For SHARC and have imported it over to SigmaStudio+

The issues of the SPORTS configuration being corrupted and the sample rate of the source project not being passed to the SigmaStudio+ project can be fixed.

The issue i'm having is assigning what objects are used by what core.

In the SigmaStudio for SHARC project you can right click and use the Change Core option to select what core the object is assigned too.

In SigmaStudio+ the imported project is displayed in the core 1 canvas and core 2 is empty. I cannot find any way to assign objects to specific cores or is there some other method that i'm missing ?

attached are the project files

Dual Core

many thanks for your help

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