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link ports and SigmaStudio+

Category: Software
Software Version: SigmaStudio+ version 2.1

I'm using SigmaStudio+ for developing a new product and i will need multiple SHARCs connected via link ports. I was wondering if there is a capability in SigmaStudio+ to link multiple SHARCs together via the link ports.  If not is there any suggestions on how this can be achieved.  I have run  and understand the link port example project.  I can integrate that into my project,  i would probably use the same mechanism of how audio data is passed between internal cores to integrate the audio data from another SHARC but not sure how these ports would be represented on a sigmastudio project without allocating data connections via a SPORTS interface and modifying the code to remap data to/from linkports and not SPORTS interface. 

Also i have noticed on sigmastudio+ that there are pins named SPORTRxPinLocation and SPORTTxPinLocation  and if i add multiple SHARC devices i can connect them together as well as other devices.  I know these are labelled as SPORTs not LinkPorts but if these are external connections i cannot see what SPORT is mapped to these connections.

Many thanks for any help