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help with understanding implementation of IIR accelerator using SigmaStudio for SHARC on a SC589

Category: Software
Software Version: cces v 2.12 SigmaStudio 4.7


I am currently evaluating the SHARC audio module and the SC589 for a project.

My base target project is the 'Demo' example project and the SigmaStudio for SHARC project is Volume_Mute_Block_SC589.

I require to use a lot of filters in my project so have experimented with the a non Accelerator and Accelerator General Eq (2nd Order) filters to see what how much the processor load can be reduced by using the IIR accelerator option.

The filter is placed in line with CH0 output on core 1.

Second Order->Single Precision -> IIR Accelerator -> General Eq(2nd Order) (default setting)

Second Order->Single Precision -> Multi Ch-> General Eq(2nd Order) (default setting)

Without the filter i recorded 8 MIPS usage on core 1

With the accelerated filter i recorded 14.83 MIPS

with the non accelerated filter i recorded 8.7 MIPS

i am wondering if the Demo framework needs changing to implement an accelerated IIR filter ?? or is there another example somewhere for implementing IIR accelerator filter in SigmaStudio for SHARC

Many thanks