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Shape Load Error in SigmaStudio+

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21569
Software Version: 2.1.0

Hi there!

When I try to load shape contents from a Hierarchy Board that was created on an ADAU1452 processor, to another Hierarchy Board that is on a different processor (ADSP-21569), I get the error " ADAU145x/ADAU146x shapes cannot be loaded to ADSP-215xx/ADSP-SC5xx". It seems to be an issue of the version. I need help with this. Thanks in advanced

  • Hello fgonzalez,

    The subtle issue here is that if you were to create a schematic from scratch, You grab blocks from the library for the ADAU1452 and drop them into the design. Or, you grab blocks from the ADSP-21569 part of the library. within these blocks are the assembly code for performing the task. So you cannot either copy a bunch of blocks or take an export of blocks from a hierarchy bock and drop them into a schematic for a different processor. The blocks are not the same and they contain different assembly code. 

    So you cannot cut and paste blocks from different processors into a design for a different processor. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to look at the blocks and grab the same functional blocks from the library for the DSP you are using. You will find that some blocks might not exist or might be slightly different between one processor and another. There are various reasons for this but the basic problem you ran into is that you cannot paste a block from one DSP library into another DSP design. 

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave. Thanks for your answer. I would have expected that SS+ doesn't have that dependency when the blocks used between different processors be the same. I mean same interface and parameters. I would have expected that SS+ take care of that internal issues. At the end of the day, this is a graphic tool that allows you to abstract from the low level. Let me emphasize that I am talking about identical blocks at a graphic level. 


  • Hello Fernando,

    Understood but the way the program was designed from the very start had these blocks be containers for the code. Sometimes internally it can be very different and certainly the assembly code is different between cores. It make some sense for a lot of the basic primitive blocks to be able to be translated but the programmers never opened up that pandora's box. Once part of the schematic can be ported then the entire thing will be expected to be ported and that is not possible. There are many other differences to account for. 

    Trust, me, I would like this too!!

    Dave T

  • Hello fgonzalez,
    Can you please try with the new SigmaStudio+ 2.2.0 release? 
    Please follow the cleanup instruction before installing newer version,

    Please take a copy of the adiGPR.xml found in the path: C:\ProgramData\Analog Devices\adiGPR.xml.

    Once the backup of the existing adiGPR.xml is taken, then please the follow the below steps:

    1. Uninstall previous versions of SigmaStudioPlus installation.
    2. Delete contents inside C:\ProgramData\Analog Devices\SigmaStudio 2.1.
    3. Install SigmaStudioPlus 2.2.0.

    [Note: Please make sure that backup of adiGPR.xml is taken before re-installing]