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How to integrate the export system file into the PROJECT "LibIntegration" . Such like it is integrated into the Project "SS_uC_App_Core1"

Product Number: adsp 21569
Software Version: cces 2.11.1

Hello, buddy:

       I want to configure the SPORTs in code mode in the project "SS_uC_App_Core1", Like what you did in the project "LibIntegration".  The sigma studio for SHARC does not flexible for me. I need up to 32 channels in I2S mode. I need to configure the secondary path for more channel's requirement. I like the way you did in the "LibIntegration", All the Sports configuration is flexible in code mode. I go through the code in "SS_uC_App_Core1". But failed, you hidden all the detail for SMAP, I think what I need to do that it is to copy the date generated by guide in "AE_42_SS4G_QuickStartGuide.pdf" into somewhere. Could you please give a example how to integrate it?