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Porting ADAU1467 application to SPARC - TCPIP Communication Channel availability in CrossCore

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAU1467

I have an application that I developed in SigmaStudio for the ADAU1467. At this point I have maxed out the instruction cycles and am considering moving to a 21489.  The issue is that the application that uses the ADAU1467 interacts with the device through a sigmatcpserver that, in turn, uses the SPI interface to interact with the 1467.  This give me interactive control over filters, volume controls etc. that I need for my application.  The sigmatcpserver that I am using is some open source software written in python.  I don't believe that CrossCore has TCPIP communication channel blocks in the same way that SigmaStudio does and I am fine with using an ICE1000 for programming but I definitely need fine-grained control by the application. Is there anyone that has any experience with a TCPIP/SPI 'bridge' for interfacing with the ADSP chips?  Any tips would be much appreciated.

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