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Dante Embedded Platform(DEP) in SC594 with SigmaStudioPlus, how to ?

Category: Software
Product Number: SC594
Software Version: SigmaStudioPlus2.0.0


I am testing the Dante Embedded Platform(DEP) with the SC594 ez-board, and I have setup and test with other Dante device already.

I want to test some basic DSP design with the SigmaStudio Plus but I don't know how to setup the input to connect with the DEP output.

Can someone point me out how to do this?

As I know the DEP audio data is using sc594 inside share memory then go to SHARC core,

so I got stuck when I want to do some basic test with the SigmaStudio Plus which I don't know how to bind the input to the share memory to get the audio data from the DEP output.

Thank you!



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  • Hello Sakthivel,

    The third one link help me a lot, thank you!

    The document teach us how to link the input from the physical pin(SPORT on SHARC core)

    but the DEP is run inside the ARM core(linux) and using DMA or share memory transfer the audio data to the SHARC core,

    not with the physical SPORT pin, so I still can not get it how to setup in the SigmaStudioPlus.

    Thank you for your link!



  • Please refer to the library integration example available in SS+ installation folder,"C:\Analog Devices\SigmaStudioPlus-Rel2.0.0\Target\Examples\LibraryIntegration\ADSP-SC594".
    The SHARC core 1 has the schematic processing application which will give you more insight about your requirement.
    Leaving the SPORT configuration part, since you have the audio data which should have buffer of data in the de interleaved channel order. This buffer basically considered as input block with different channels what you configured in the schematic.
    The Lib integration example has 8 IN and 8 OUT channels configuration and SPORT data copied to the corresponding input channel buffer. The buffered IN data will be passed to "adi_ss_schematic_process" function for SigmaStudio schematic application process. The audio data should be converted to float format before calling  the "adi_ss_schematic_process" function. 

    For more details please refer this page,
    Target and Communication Libraries Integration [Analog Devices Wiki]