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Dante Embedded Platform(DEP) in SC594 with SigmaStudioPlus, how to ?

Category: Software
Product Number: SC594
Software Version: SigmaStudioPlus2.0.0


I am testing the Dante Embedded Platform(DEP) with the SC594 ez-board, and I have setup and test with other Dante device already.

I want to test some basic DSP design with the SigmaStudio Plus but I don't know how to setup the input to connect with the DEP output.

Can someone point me out how to do this?

As I know the DEP audio data is using sc594 inside share memory then go to SHARC core,

so I got stuck when I want to do some basic test with the SigmaStudio Plus which I don't know how to bind the input to the share memory to get the audio data from the DEP output.

Thank you!