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How to Safeload filter parameter using UART for ADSP21489

Category: Software

Hello Sir,

       If I use UART port to control ADSP-21489, can it realize safeload strategy, if can, how to impleament, please indicate.


Best regards,


  • Hi Fish,

    What do you mean by the safeload filter parameter? Could you please describe the requirements of your application in detail?


  • Hi Divya,

    Thanks for your reply, yes, I need to update filter parameter.

    My structure is uC control ADSP-21489 by UART, and send tuning data to ADSP21489, 21489 calculate the filter parameter.

    My question:
    1. how to saftelaod filter parameter by ADSP-21489
    2. SSn generate by SigmaStudio, the output  and setting like below, and how to control Mute module in ADSP-21489, for example the MOD_CHIME_CHIME_FLMUTE_MUTE_ADDR       is        556. In Sigma ADI1452, we will send MUTE/DEMUTE data array to MOD_CHIME_CHIME_FLMUTE_MUTE_ADDR       will be ok by SPI. 


    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    SigmaStudio uses SPI based packeting protocol to connect with target using communication library and communication library handles the queuing and safe load write mechanism. Safe loads write basically to write parameters before calling "adi_ss_schematic_process" function, so you may need to handle this mechanism in your application.