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Attempting to enable S/PDIF transmitter feature support in example demo application but failing

Category: Software

I'm using the


CCES 2.11.

sigma studio for sharc 4.7

I'm working my way through the demos in the document SIGMASTUDIO FOR SHARC  revision 17.

in section 10 it describes how to enable the S/PDIF transmitter support in the example demo application.

I can build the CCES code but when i run the sigma project to connect via the debugger  core 0 exits with an error.

I'm using the Sigma studio project 'Volume_Mute_Block_SC5xx' and the CCES project 'Demo'

i can get the demo to work just fine as described in 6.2 and also rebuilding the example in 6.3.

In section 10 - Enabling the S/PDIF

all parts have been done but i presume i'm doing something wrong configuring the new sink port  in part 3.

 it refers to table 35. which states for the SC573 SPORT DAI  = DAI0 Pin 18  and for Tx Data = DAI0 Pin 10

In the SPORTs configuration in the Framework config tab in sigma studio i'm confused what to do with the information.

I've tried putting 'DAI Pin Data (Pri SPORT) : DAI0 Pin 10 and DAI0 Pin 18

but i don't know what SPORT channel i need to set my new output sink too ?

On the schematic of the EZ KIT SC573 the DAI0_PIN 10 is connected to the SPORT1_D1   (and is the actual SPDIF data output) and DAI0_PIN18 is connected to SPORT3_TDV


in no. 7 which refers to connecting channels 8 and 9. i can only get those channels if in increase the number of Output channels in the I/O settings in the 'Main' tab of the hardware configuration.

are there any other changes i need to do. for example the Number of Output buffers ? or remove other sinks or sources ?

I've generated may different attempts of adi_ss_fw_config.h but no luck in it working. 

Has anyone got the S/PDIF working with the demo program on the SC573 EZKIT ?

Thanks for any help