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Help with Running DemoUc application with custom schematic

Category: Software
Software Version: CCES


I'm working my way through the document - SIGMASTUDIO FOR SHARC (ADSP-SC5XX/ADSP-215XX) - QUICK START GUIDE

I am using the EZKIT-SC573 board

CCES  product version - IDE version 2.11.113

I have got to section 7 - DemoUc application and can run the program successfully using the pre built DXEs that are in the release build.

If i clean and rebuild all the cores and attempt to run i get an error.

in Core 1

ASSERT [eRet == ADI_SS_FW_SUCCESS] fails at "C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.7.0\Target\Examples\DemoUc\ADSP-SC57x\Source\adi_ss_uc_app_sh0.c":137

which is 

eRet = adi_ss_fw_Init(pAppSharcCore0Info->hssFWHandle, &pAppSharcCore0Info->oFWConfig);
if (eRet != ADI_SS_FW_SUCCESS)
pAppSharcCore0Info->nApplicationStatus |= ADI_SS_FW_INIT_FAILED;

after doing a bit more debugging i found the error that caused the assert to be triggered which is in the function 'FWAlgo_Init' in adi_ss_fw_internal.c

the function call  at line 462  'adi_ss_create' returns with E_ADI_SS_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY

/* SSn creation */
eSSnRes = adi_ss_create(&pAlgoInfo->handle, pMemMap);

i would like to figure this out as if i go to the next section and run DemoUc with a custom schematic and then i have to rebuild the project i  expect it to fail.

i tried changing the value assigned to ADI_SS_CONTROL_FW_ARM_MEMORY but that didn't work. i also checked i was putting in a big enough value by checking the size of the tSSARMFWInfo structure.

i also increased the memory allocated to in adi_ss_fw_config.h and adi_ss_fw_config_2156.h

#define ADI_SS_SHARC_FW_MEMORY                          (12832U) //(6272U)
#define ADI_SS_CONTROL_FW_SHARC_MEMORY      (15576U) //(11948U)

i'm at a bit of a loss now as not sure what  'adi_ss_create' is doing 

anyone else had a problem with this  or have i missed something or doing something i shouldn't

any help appreciated, thanks

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  • Target application change in the sense the main application code not the schematic source file, since schematic source file data mapped to "ss_app_uc_data", this wont change the GMAP allocated for SigmaStudio schematic. Please refer the map file whether any changes to the GMAP blocks, if no change dont generate the schematic source again.