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LibraryIntergration example for 21565

Category: Software
Product Number: adsp-21565
Software Version: CCES 2.11.1 and SIgmastudio for SHARC 4.7


I modified the LibIntegration example project to work as DemoUc based on the steps listed in the following ADI document PDF

my project is crashing while enabling SPORT device 0B, i tried other sports too but it is not working, if i bypass the sigmastudio code then the SPORT 0A and SPORT 0B works fine, I'm attaching my project zip for your reference, is the sigmastudio setup wrong ?? would appreciate it if anyone can take a look.5657.sharc565.rar

  • Hi, 
    Did you generated the SS schematic source files using LibIntegration example project dxe? You need to regenerate the SS schematic source files even a single line of change in LibIntegration example project, otherwise there will be memory mapping issue will be there with SigmaStudio generated source file and LibIntegration application.
    Meantime I will check and get back to you if there are any other update needed in your project.