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Sigmastudio framework code for ADSP-21565

Category: Software
Product Number: ADS_-21565
Software Version: CCES 2.11.1


is it possible to run Sigmastudio+ on ADSP-21565? if it is ten can someone point me to the framwork code that needs to be run on the target before loading the SS+image.

I tried changing the LibraryIntegration example to 21565 processor and it threw an error while compilation saying:

[Error pp0019] "C:\Users\Shazmaan.Ali\cces\2.11.1\examples\ngss_2.0.0\Demo-App\LibraryIntegration\ADSP-21569\LibIntegrationExample_Core1\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":182 'SDRAM not supported for this part '


attached project zip
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  • Hi,
    The ADSP-21565 not supported L3, So when you just change the existing CCES project to ADSP-21565 by just changing the processor you will get this error. You can remove the #error from the ldf or you can create a new CCES project with ADSP-21565 and add all source files. Please refer to data sheet for more information about ADSP-2156x parts.

  • hi, 

    when i comment the #error out i'm getting 

    'Building target: LibIntegration.dxe'
    'Invoking: CrossCore SHARC Linker'
    cc21k -proc ADSP-21565 -si-revision any -T C:/qsys-dsp/LibraryIntegration/ADSP-21569/LibIntegrationExample_Core1/system/startup_ldf/app.ldf -no-mem -flags-link -i,"-flags-link -ip" -L C:/qsys-dsp/LibraryIntegration/ADSP-21569/LibIntegrationExample_Core1/Release/system/startup_ldf -L ../../../../../lib-CCES -L "C:/Analog Devices/SigmaStudioPlus-Rel2.0.0/Target/Lib-CCES" -flags-link -MDRELEASE,-MDCORE0 -flags-link -i,../src -flags-link -e -flags-link libadi_sigma_sharc_comm_2156x_Core1.dlb, -flags-link libadi_sigma_sharc_215xx.dlb -o LibIntegration.dxe @input-file.txt

    [Warning li2074] "C:\qsys-dsp\LibraryIntegration\ADSP-21569\LibIntegrationExample_Core1\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":1367 RESERVE_EXPAND command on line 10 of file "..\src\adi_ss_app.ldf" might claim the remainder of 'mem_block0_bw' memory, leaving no space for 'dxe_block0_stack_and_heap_expand' output section.

    [Warning li2074] "C:\qsys-dsp\LibraryIntegration\ADSP-21569\LibIntegrationExample_Core1\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":1379 RESERVE_EXPAND command on line 71 of file "..\src\adi_ss_app.ldf" might claim the remainder of 'mem_L2_bw' memory, leaving no space for 'dxe_l2_stack_and_heap_expand' output section.

    [Error el2013] Memory 'mem_L2_bw' overlaps with 'mem_L2_bw_SS4G_Code'

    [Error el2013] Memory 'mem_L2_bw' overlaps with 'mem_L2_bw_SS4G_Data'

    Linker finished with 2 errors and 2 warnings
    cc3089: fatal error: Link failed (code:1)
    make[1]: *** [makefile:104: LibIntegration.dxe] Error 1
    make: *** [makefile:95: all] Error 2

    is there an example framework code for 21565 in order for me to run sigmastudio on this chip?

  • Hi, 
    The CCES linker error can be solved by referring the step 6 in following link.
    Target and Communication Libraries Integration [Analog Devices Wiki]

    The SS+ schematic compilation support for the processors without L3(SDRAM) will be added in upcoming SS+ release expected in early or mid august 2023.

  • SigmaStudioPlus_21565_framework.rar

    hi, i updated the app.ldf for 21565 dsp and i'm able to run it on the target but when i try to run SS+ schematic then I'm getting "project compilation failed" error due to invalid memory range and/or width or memory 'SS4SH_CODEB'