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How can can work in tuning mode of SigmaStudio Plus?

Category: Software
Product Number: EV-21569-SOM REV B
Software Version: SigmaStudio Plus V2.0

When runing example code of SigmaStudioPlus V2.0 together with CCES V2.10.1 on EVB platform "EV-21569-SOM REV B", the SigmaStudioPlus prompts "target execution could not be verified" after clicking "Link Compile Download" and showing Active status in the right bottom corner of SS+ for a few seconds. Then, it tells ERROR status finally in the right bottom corner of SS+. It seems I can not tune my Schematic in real-time debugging in SS+. Could you tell me what the problem of my environment? And how can I do the real-time tuning in my SS+?