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Do you have any instructions on running 21569 examples with SigmaStudio Plus and CCES2.11?

Category: Software
Product Number: EV-21569-SOM REV B
Software Version: SigmaStudio+ 2.0

Recently, I am exercising to run "ADSP 21569 Processing Audio with Routers Example" in SigmaStudio+ 2.0 and CCES 2.11 basing on "EV-21569-SOM REV B". And after I built the example project successfully in CCES, I imported the output DXE file in the SS+ configuration. Then, I clicked "Link Compile Download" button in SS+. And it prompted "SH0 Schematic DXE successfully generated. Target execution could not be verified". Then, when open folder

“C:\Users\cncr181126\AppData\Roaming\SigmaStudio\ADSP-21569 Processing Audio With Routers Example_ADSP-21569_SHARCXI_DiffDXESchematic_3”, I can find the DXE file generated by SS+, which is named as "21569_SHARCXI_DiffDXESchematic_3_Diff_SH0.dxe". Then, I imported the DXE file in Debug Configuration of CCES as below:

Then, I debugged the example project with CCES. And it showed errors as below:

My questions are:

  1. Do you have any instructions that can help me complete the debug of the example project via SS+ and CCES?

  2. What's wrong with my operations?

  3. The resources on doing development with SS+ for ADSP-2156x  in ADI website now is not enough for a fresh user like me. Could you give me some instructions how to do a quick start for it?