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Sigmastudio debugging interface on custom board for ADSP-21569

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21569
Software Version: CCES 2.11.1 and Sigmastudio+ version 2.0


I'm using ADSP-21569 SOM board with EZ-kit, when i run the SS_App_Core1 application and then compile and download the sigmastudio+ code to the dsp, it works on the SOM board connected to an EZ-kit.

But when we connect the SOM board to our custom board (through J1, J2and J3 A2c connector on SOM board) and try to use the Sigmastudio 10-pin debugging header, it fails saying "target execution could not be verified" in SS+ IDE. we have the sigmastudio debugging header pinout on our custom board as shown in the below snippet on our custom board, these pins are mapped to the J2 header on the SOM board as follows in the second figure:

Do i need any more hardware settings or configurations in order to use the sigmastudio debugger on my custom board?