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CCES build success but SigmaStudio cc3089 fatal error

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21565
Software Version: CrossCore? Embedded Studio v2.11.0; SigmaStudio 4.7

I built a SigmaStudio algorithm module. The CCES project is compiled with 0 error 0 warning. However, after importing the generated dlb, the test Schematic project built in SigmaStudio keeps reporting errors, and the error content is as follows.

CrossCore® Embedded Studio v2.11.0
Compilation status of the source files:
IC 1_PostFX\metadata\Param.c .... : Successful!
Schematic DXE generation failed!
prelinker: error: corrupted template information file or instantiation request file
cc3089: fatal error: Prelink failed (code: 2)

And when I am constantly modifying the CCES function content and SigmaStudio applying for memory space, the Compilation status result will continue to change, sometimes it will be more successful, and sometimes only Param.c will be successful.
This module has more than 200 runtime parameters and a relatively complex ui structure. I don't know where the problem is causing the cc3089 fatal error to be continuously reported in SigmaStudio.

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