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SigmaStudio and SHARC 21569 fir accelerator

Category: Software
Product Number: EV-SOMCRR-EZKIT connected to a EV-21569-SOM board
Software Version: CCES 2.11.1 and sigmastudio for SHARC 4.7


I used the LibIntegration example project to load sigmastudio code and pass audio through SPORT 4A and 4B. i tried to add the FIR accelerator code to the project right before the sigmastudio adi_ss_schematic_process function call. but I'm getting a "Input buffer overflow detected" error. is this the right way of integrating an FIR accelerator to this project? or is there any example project where i could get a reference to how to use a fir accelerator for continuous audio playback.

I'm attaching both the project files, orginal project and with FIR accelerator integrated within that project. 


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  • You can get the input and output data of SigmaStudio schematic process function, so you can make use of this buffers for your FIR accelerator implementation before/after SigmaStudio schematic process.

    ADI_SS_RESULT adi_ss_schematic_process(ADI_SS_SSN_HANDLE hSSn,
    int32_t num_input_samples_per_chan,
    adi_ss_sample_t *input_data[],
    adi_ss_sample_t *output_data[],
    ADI_SS_SSNPROPERTIES *pProperties);