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ADSP-SC584 ARM core hangs

Category: Software

I am having some strange behaviour withthe ARM core on the ADSP-SC584. I have the issue that the core hangs at random moments. When this happens the debugger can no longer get any usefull information out of the core. If i read out the registers i get garbage data and same for the memory.

See screenshots.

However, the SHARC cores are still working as expecteced an i can still read out the the memory with the debugger through these cores. I have verified that there is no stack or heap corruption for the arm core by reading out the memory that way. I have also verified that the DDR ram is working properly by running a stress test for the ram without any issues.

I would expect that if there is a any exception which would cause the core to hang, the prorcessor would trigger the exception handlers. But this is not the case in this situation. I have tried to manually reproduce this behaviour by writing any buggy code i could think of, but this always triggers the exception handlers as expected, and never ends up in a state where the core just hangs.

Any idea what could be the possible reason for this behaviour?

I am using CCES 2.10.1 with the ADSP-SC584 on a custom board.