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Setup up the audio routing using SigmaStudio for ev21569-som+ ev-somcrr-ezkit+ADZS-AD2428MINI+EVAL-AD2428WB1BZ

Category: Software
Product Number: ev21569-som
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7

I have a ev21569-som+ ev-somcrr-ezkit board and it connect a ADZS-AD2428MIN over J10. In addition, the ADZS-AD2428MINI connect to a A2B EVAL-AD2428WB1BZ(this board has two microphones) over A2B bus as well. I would like to use SigmaStudio to create a audio route to allow me capture the 2PDM microphones from 21569. do you have a SigmaStudio dspprog likes adi_a2b_3NodeSampleDemoConfig.dspproj? Or if you have any guide to show me how to use SigmaStudio for ev21569-som+ ev-somcrr-ezkit board that also great.



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  • 1) You can add source and sink for A2B I/O using SigmaStudio schematic "IC1 -ADSP-SC5xx Control --> Faramework config" window. 
    Add source for input to 21569 and add Sink for output from 21569. Also chose the SPORT for configure the data pin.

    2) In SRU of target application make sure whether Bit clock and LR clock is assigned to right DAI pins connected to A2B main/sub.