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UcDemo does not go into PROCESSING mode


We using Sigmastudio 4.5 for sharc and crosscore 2.9.4 on a custom board with a sharc ADSP SC587

Our project is based on the example UcDemo for the SC-589.

After many changes to the framework drivers for the customizations to our ADC and DAC, we can run the project without errors.

But it turns around in the main loop WHILE, without doing anything.
The variable bAudioProcCBParam is always false and the LED indication tell us that he is in ADI_SS_APP_LED_INITED mode and goes never in ADI_SS_APP_LED_PROCESSING mode
Also what we see is that the function 'AudioIO_OutputEnable()' never was called.

To get into ADI_SS_APP_LED_PROCESSING mode, it has to call the adi_AudioDataProcessed_Callback() function and it this is never done.

What can we do wrong?

btw, if you need the source code and/or the sigmastudio project, please contact us by email.


  • Hi GEFO,

    The demoUc application uses SigmaStudio schematic source files which are generated based of "Volume_Mute_Block_SC5xx.dspproj" schematic available in "C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.5.0\Host\Examples\Sample Schematics". This source files have information for number of I/O pins, number of channels, SPORT configurations etc. Please refer the section "A. Utility for formatting Exported data from SigmaStudio" in "AE_42_SS4G_QuickStartGuide.pdf" under "C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.6.0\Docs" folder. Also please look into the "AE_42_SS4G_IntegrationGuide.pdf" for more information about the application framework.