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How are some files created in the UcDemo


We using Sigmastudio 4.5 and crosscore 2.9.4 on a sharc ADSP SC589

Using the demo "UcDemo"  ==> C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.5.0\Target\Examples\DemoUc\ADSP-SC58x\ADSP-SC589

In the ARM core0 are the follow files added:
- adi_ss_ssn_export_Volume_Mute_Block_SC5xx_IC_1.c
- adi_ss_ssn_export_Volume_Mute_Block_SC5xx_IC_0.c

These files can bu found in the follow location: C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.5.0\Target\Examples\DemoUc\ADSP-SC58x\Source

How are these files created from the sigmastudio schematic?    ==> C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.5.0\Host\Examples\Sample Schematics\ADSP-SC5xx

we had try it with the "exportCodeParam.exe" tool but not the same result.