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During compilation on the demo project "DemoUc" for sigmastudio integration 4.5 we have the following warning.

What means this waring?

[Warning li2074] "D:\gitlabProjects\Firmware_SHARC_DSP_FS\FW_SHARC_DSP_Core2\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":1768 RESERVE_EXPAND command on line 10 of file "..\src\user\adi_ss_uc_app.ldf" might claim the remainder of 'mem_block0_bw' memory, leaving no space for 'dxe_block0_stack_and_heap_expand' output section.

How we can resolve this issue?

  • Hi GEFO,
    This warning is expected one because the "adi_ss_uc_app.ldf" in  "C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.6.0\Target\Examples\DemoUc\ADSP-SC58x\Source" use RESERVE_EXPAND command to take unused memory in each block for SigmaStudio framework.

    You may can add "adi_ss_uc_app.ldf" inclusion at the end of ldf but you cant use RESERVE_EXPAND command in any of the memory blocks